Who will deliver the sessions?
2 members of the team will deliver the package in your school. At least one of these will be a Clinical Psychologist or trained CBT therapist.

How much does it cost to deliver CUES-Ed?
The CUES-Ed package costs £3950 per class.

What happens if a session cannot be delivered due to unforseen circumstances (e.g. staff sickness, industrial action, bad weather)?
We try hard to deliver sessions weekly across a half-term. Should unforeseen circumstances occur the CUES-Ed team will work with you to re-arrange and carry over the session.

We have signed up for CUES-Ed – what happens if another school asks if they can use our resources?
The programme is the Intellectual Property of South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. Materials should not be copied, shared or amended. We would be happy for you to put us in touch with any school that is interested in our resources so that we can discuss this.

Does CUES-Ed have to be delivered to whole classes or can I target a selected group of children?
CUES-Ed is a universal whole-class approach so that all children can benefit from the life-skills taught and to reduce stigma.

CUES-Ed is coming to work with our Yr 3 class – we have identified another child within the school that could also benefit from the programme – can they join the sessions?
CUES-Ed is a universal whole-class approach and we think it works best when children remain in their usual class.

My child’s school has not heard about CUES-Ed what can I do so that my child can benefit from this programme?
The CUES-Ed programme is currently available to schools in South-East London but we are planning to branch out to other areas soon. Watch this space!

What Year groups?
Currently Years 3 – 6.

What is the expectation on me as a teacher?
We believe to get the most out of CUES-Ed the Class Teacher and assistants should be present with their pupils during each session. This enables them to have a clear understanding of what has happened during the session. Teachers are encouraged to take time to ensure that key messages are reinforced during the school week. The ideal is for teachers to use and practice CUES-Ed skills year round and incorporate into school life.

Who should I contact with any comments, compliments or complaints?
The first thing to do is to speak to the clinician leading your sessions – but also feel free to contact Dr Sophie Browning, Consultant Clinical Psychologist.

CUES-Ed follows schools’ child protection procedures, working closely with the leadership team in a school, to ensure that any safeguarding issues raised are responded to appropriately and quickly.