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Looking after Ourselves

We want to share some tips on how we can look after ourselves every day.

Let's check in with the CUES-Ed team...

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This is Ed and Chloe who will help us along the way...

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Can you spot 4 really good ways of Looking After Ourselves in the picture below?

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Eating Well

Yes! Your brain needs all sorts
of foods to stay amazing and make
sure you feel happy.



Yes! Doing something
relaxing gives our brain a bit
of a holiday.


Being Active

Well spotted! Being active is
not just for our bodies - it’s great
for our brains too...



Well done! Sleep is one
of the most important ways
to look after ourselves.


You've spotted the 4 things that will
keep your brain amazing!


It’s important to make sure we are doing all these 4 simple things every day...





What can also help is to Plan your day

Our brains quite like knowing what is coming next! And planning helps make sure you have time to fit everything in!

Sometimes we might feel worried or anxious about things – so we’ve included some tips for that too.

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