Plan your day

This is a really good way of looking after ourselves. It helps us have some routine.

This can help us get things done, it can help us feel calm... and it can help if we are sometimes feeling lonely or bored.

It's a bit like a TIMETABLE!

Each evening spend a few minutes to plan ahead and think about what you will do the next day.

Make sure you have a mixture of activities and that you find time to Eat Well, Be Active and Relax!

It’s also really important to make sure there is time in your day to STAY CONNECTED by...



Getting Creative


Let’s have a look at what Ed is planning to do tomorrow. PRESS the play button on Ed’s TV to learn more.

Have a go yourself!

Here’s a timetable and some activity suggestions that you can print out - or draw onto paper. You can get creative or keep it simple!

It might be easiest just to plan ahead a day at a time. Come up with your own ideas of things to do.

It’s a good idea to talk to an adult at home about your routine and timetable ideas.

Activity Suggestions

Help make a healthy snack
Play hide and seek with your family
Dance party in the kitchen
Get Creative
Do some Yoga
Play a musical instrument
Get ready for bed time
Have some quiet time
Read your favourite book
School work
Do a science experiment
Have some screen time
Watch TV with your family
Tidy your bedroom
Do something helpful
Video call with a friend
Watch a movie with your family
Chat on the phone
Help bake something
Have a bubble bath
Play a board game
Be Active with a workout video
Get some fresh air
Make a music playlist