Be active

It’s much easier when you’ve got energy from the right food and drink to BE ACTIVE!

BEING ACTIVE is great for keeping us healthy. It also really helps us to feel HAPPY.

If you are feeling fed up or upset about things, BEING ACTIVE can make you FEEL BETTER.

Being Active releases special chemicals in your brain that help you feel more CHEERFUL!

It can also be lots of FUN!

There are lots of ways to be active - inside and outside.

Even just putting on your favourite music and having a dance in the kitchen can help.

Kitchen Dancing

PRESS the radio button to listen to the music! Why not have a little dance if you can?

Have a think about ways you’d like to be active this week – write a list. You can use these ideas when you PLAN YOUR DAY!

Or why not complete some of our…


Here are some challenges for you to choose from. Print or draw out your own chart!

Why not ask others at home to join you. You could even hold your own family indoor Olympics.

Sometimes it can be difficult to be active. We might not have enough energy or we might just not feel like it. Ed sometimes feels the same...

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that BEING ACTIVE can help us feel better!

Even a few gentle stretching exercises indoors can help!

Here are some fitness videos to help keep you active...

Give them a go!

Eat Well