Eat well

One way to make sure we are looking after ourselves is to EAT WELL!

We need to eat ALL SORTS
of food to make sure we can...




We need a mixture of different foods EVERYDAY to give us the energy to keep going.

Different people enjoy different food! But whether your favourite meal is chicken noodles or pesto pasta…it is important to make sure we get a good balance in what we eat.

We can put different types of food into different groups – called FOOD GROUPS!

Have a go at our quiz to find out more...

EATING WELL is not always easy. Sometimes we don’t feel like certain foods and sometimes we don’t have much choice of what to eat...


A good way of remembering to eat well is to try and eat as many different coloured foods as possible. See if you can eat 5 different colours of vegetable and fruit each week.

TAP on the rainbow for some ideas.

Red Foods Orange Foods Yellow Foods Green Foods Blue Foods Purple Foods White Foods

Try some juicy strawberries,
a crunchy pepper, a sweet tomato or some cheerful cherries.

Oranges are orange!
So are carrots, butternut squash, peaches and some peppers.

You could munch on a banana
or crunch on some corn…

There are so many green fruit and
vegetables to choose from - apple, peas, kiwi, celery, broccoli, beans, cabbage, cucumber.
What is your favourite?

We can only really think of one blue
fruit or veg - but they are full of
vitamins and are yummy! Blueberries!

Have you ever tried an aubergine?
Purple on the outside, white inside.

And don’t forget the water! Drink plenty to keep you hydrated.

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