Relaxation helps calm your body and brain so they can have a bit of a rest.

We need to take time to RELAX every day.

This is especially important when you’ve had a difficult day or you’re worried about something. Ed’s an expert in relaxing.

TAP on the cards to reveal Ed's top tips!..

Having a warm bath can help you feel better by relaxing your muscles and giving your amazing brain a break.

Watch your favourite television programme or read a good book. This helps distract your brain from stress and helps you to feel relaxed.

Do some colouring in, painting or doodling. Why not put some relaxing music on in the background!

There are lots of different ways to relax. Have a look below for even more ideas.

TAP on the cards to tick off the ones you have tried.

Do some Gardening

Do some gardening

Playing a Board Game

Play a board game

Do some Gentle Stretches

Gentle Stretches

Watching a Movie

Watching a Movie

Listening to Music

Listening to music

Baking a Cake

Baking a Cake

What other ways do you like to relax?

Make sure you find time to fit some
relaxation in when you Plan Your Day.

Ed’s favourite way of relaxing
is by doing a special MUSCLE RELAXATION

Why not try it for yourself!
PRESS the play button and follow
the instructions...

Great work! We hope you are feeling nice and relaxed now. Remember to get good at something WE NEED TO PRACTISE!

Here are some things we’d like you to do...

Talk to your family about the ways they like to relax. You might get some new ideas to try out!

Practise the muscle relaxation and try it before bed time too.

Have a go at teaching muscle relaxation to someone else.

Sleep Well