Doing something creative can be great fun. It can also help take your mind off things. Give it a go!

Do something you love, or try out something new. Here are some ideas...


Have you got a story to tell? Writing is a brilliant way of sharing your ideas and using your imagination.

Looking for inspiration? Use your favourite fun facts to inspire a story.

Or find unusual objects at home – who might use it...and for what?

Create an interesting character and come up with some exciting adventures.


There are hundreds of simple craft activities you can do at home!

Try some origami...or make some paper aeroplanes. Use up old magazines to make a collage. Make sculptures out of foil…or toilet roll animals!

Have fun, experiment and make things!


Music is a great way to express yourself. Create homemade instruments with household items. Pasta or rice in empty bottles make great shakers! And pots and pans make very loud drums!


Use a phone camera to take photos of what’s around you. Try capturing pictures from all sorts of angles and perspectives - from up high, from down low, close up and far away.

Why not set up a photo scavenger hunt – a list of 20 objects, or colours, you need to find and photograph!


Paint... doodle... draw... chalk. There are so many ways of creating some art! Clear a space, experiment and most importantly – have fun!


Try a fun building challenge. Build with blocks. Or build with the recycling. How about playdough? You could even build a structure using toothpicks and marshmallows!

Ed and Chloe love learning about other parts of the world.

See if you can recognise the different places. Have a go at colouring in - or draw some pictures of your own favourite places.

Get creative

There are many ways of being creative, try painting stones or making a greeting or thank you card! Here are some fantastic examples...