Most of us are learning in a different way at the moment.

There are lots of opportunities to learn every day. Maths is important when you are cooking, doing puzzles or playing games.

And you can practise writing by keeping a diary, or writing a letter to someone.

Find out what interests you. Watch documentaries. Do virtual museum tours. Most importantly - HAVE FUN!

If your school is asking you to do some work - it’s a good idea to find a time to do that when you Plan Your Day.

There are lots of other fun ways we can keep learning too!


1. Research a favourite topic. Use books and the internet to find out all you can.

2. Think about how to present the information - maybe on a poster, or like a newspaper report? You could send a picture of it to your teacher!

3. You could even get someone to film you presenting what you have found out.

4. How about making some art work on your topic?