Staying connected by talking to others is really important.

Talking to friends and family over the phone and through video calls is a great way to stay in touch. Sometimes it can be tricky to know what to chat about - especially if you haven’t been doing much.

Try the tips below to get the conversation flowing...

Have a virtual picnic!!

Make some treats, get a blanket out and video call your friends.

Set up a film club – agree with friends/family to watch the same films and then have a chat.

Find out what everyone thought about it? Was it the same as you or different? How many stars would each of you give it out of 10?

Why not try a quiz over the phone?

Test your family and friends knowledge over a quiz! It’s a great way to have fun and get your brain thinking.

And at home...

At the end of the day - maybe at dinner time - take it in turns with everyone at home to say...

One thing that made you happy.

One thing that you have learnt today.

One thing you did that made someone else happy.

And remember it can help to talk to someone if you are feeling sad, worried or angry.