Playing is FUN! Playing helps you learn. Playing helps you relax and try out new things.

Find time to PLAY every day!!

Sometimes we can play on our own, sometimes with others.

There are lots of different ways to play. Turn off the TV and challenge someone to a board game. Or spend some time on your favourite video game.

Here are some more ideas for you to try...

Let’s check in with Dr Max...

PRESS the play button on
Ed’s TV to learn more.

Active games are great fun!

Use masking tape on the floor to make a DIY balance beam or indoor hopscotch!

Try musical freeze – dance to the music, and when it stops ‘freeze’ in the shape of an animal or letter.

Build a den!

Use blankets, pillows, cardboard boxes. Make sure to check with an adult first!

There are lots of pencil and paper games to play!

Try this one. Choose five categories (like fruit, countries, animals). Write them at the top of a paper. Pick a letter of the alphabet. Each player write down something from each category beginning with that letter. Extra points for a word nobody else thought of!

A simple pack of cards can be great fun!

There are lots of games to choose from – and you can even try building a card tower!

Let your imagination run wild!

Why not act out your favourite book or write a short play. Make props and costumes.

Or choose some objects from around your home and make ‘adverts’ for them.

Try charades!

Act out movie titles, television programmes or books. No words allowed! Can the others guess correctly?

We have a game for you to try. Ed and Chloe need your help on their journey to Planet Potential!

Life is full of ups and downs – but helpful thoughts and a positive attitude will keep us going.

See if anyone else at home would like to have a go at Planet Potential!

And then here’s something else for you to try together...

Ed and Chloe are best friends, but they’re also totally different – they are different creatures, they like different things, and they dislike different things!

Everybody is different, and you can be really good friends with somebody who isn’t the same as you. Try these 'Would You Rather..?' questions to find out your likes and dislikes.

Try these "Would You Rather..?" questions with your
friends and family to show that sometimes we are
different, and sometimes we are the same!

PLAY the radio!