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We are committed to the ongoing evaluation of our project and continue to use a range of questionnaires and standardised assessment tools in order to provide regular updates on this.

Careful attention has been paid to the experience of children during the pilot phase of CUES-Ed. Valuable feedback from them on the content, expression, presentation and overall suitability of the package has been incorporated throughout our further development.

feedback stats

So far children like and understand the sessions and they would recommend it to a friend. We are also really encouraged by results in other areas such as:

Chloe Magnify
  • Increased use of active coping strategies such as ‘cognitive decision making’
    (e.g. ‘think if I could see things in a different way’)

  • Increases in trying to understand problems

  • Increases in direct problem solving techniques

  • Increased positive cognitive restructuring
    (e.g. try to notice or think about good things/tell myself I can handle it)

  • Increased use of the support seeking strategy ‘talk to someone who can help you work out what to do‘

  • More frequent use of attentional shifting techniques such as ‘doing some exercise’ and ‘reading’